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You’re like a rollercoaster…

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…toast ya, in a big four-poster bed. Driving through the Great Sandy National Park after coming off the beach, it certainly felt like we were on a rollercoaster, much to my delight even though I was just a mere passenger!



And then…


…the rain came. Briefly. Crazy Queensland weather. But it was beautiful, nevertheless.

Hang-gliding at Teewah

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Didn’t go hang-gliding but this is where AJ does from time to time. Great spot for it.


Hang-gliding ramp.




Atop the hang-gliding platform. AJ’s lonely-looking 4WD below.

4×4 driving

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It might not be terribly green-friendly but AJ and I went 4WD’ing along a long stretch of beach (all part of the Great Sandy National Park), from Noosa all the way until we turned off and went crashing through the rainforest just before Rainbow Beach.

These pix were taken while driving along the beach, a drive that took well over 45 minutes. And best of all, AJ let me drive for a good 20-30 minutes as well. Much fun after the initial sensation that I was going to skid all over the place. Thanks AJ for trusting me with your 4WD!


On the barge to get to the beach.