Where I’m getting married

No, I’m not getting married but if I were, this is where I’d want the reception. It’s the Carrington Hotel in Katoomba, NSW. I’ve long loved it and whenever I’m up in Katoomba I go there for a cocktail or high tea. It’s not cheap, but whatever! It’s classy and it’s all art deco, and it’s a reminder of another era when buildings were beautiful.

Click to enlarge.


One Response to “Where I’m getting married”

  1. Paolo Scimone Says:

    I couldn’t understand some of the features of this building. A bit of research revealed the answers. Being built in 1882, stained glass windows and some of the internal features didn’t make a lot of sense. Some was added in 1911 and other features later, I presume. 1882 would make it a late Victorian era building, the lead-light stained glass windows are typical Federation fixtures and the doors etc. appear to be even later. I eventually intend to move to the blue mountains so I’ll be able to bathe myself in its glory for myself.

    I grew up in a two-storey beautiful house in Bondi, aptly named “Sunrise”. I love these old houses like you wouldn’t believe, though I don’t know if I’d ever want to get married there, in fact I doubt I’ll actually ever actually get married at all, haha.

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