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Circular Rainbow

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Leaving Melbourne the other weekend, I looked out the window (again) and noticed this odd circular-shaped rainbow. The sun was setting at the time (as should be obvious) and the clouds below were rain clouds. Even so, it was something I just had to take a photo of. Really, I’ll take a photo of anything and everything. That’s quite obvious.

Leaving Melbourne

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Across the bay you can see Melbourne city. Williamstown is a lovely quiet place to go for fish and chips and watch swans (yes, swans in this environment) paddle around, as well as shoo away the thousands (okay, quite a few) of seagulls who hang around waiting for a morsel to be thrown their way. Bloody seagulls.

Join the Druids

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While walking up Swanston Street in Melbourne, I noticed a building that had big writing on the side saying “Join the Druids”. I didn’t even know they exist; I always imagined them as some ancient sect or cult. But they’re still around today.

I was impressed by the intricate figure shown in the photo, nevertheless. It would look good at night with the lights beaming on the figure. I’m going to try and visit it again at night when I’m in Melbourne again soon.

Homeless World Cup

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On the weekend I was in Melbourne, there was a Homeless World Cup soccer competition on at Federation Square. I saw these guys practising their moves, but I was unable to distinguish what country they were representing.

Afghanistan beat Russia in a close 5-4 victory. Onya, Afghanistan!

Queen Victoria Market on a Saturday Morning

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This is the view from my hotel room window, overlooking the immensely popular Queen Victoria Market. Of course, I did have a wander around (their food hall is to die for, and the fresh fruit and vegies made me wish I could stock up and cook something) and did some Christmas shopping.

In the background, you can see what looks like a Ferris Wheel. It’s in fact the Southern Star Observation Wheel, which I’m sure I read somewhere was opening sometime this month. I will go on it when I return to Melbourne in just over a week for a proper holiday.